The Kenko Life

General Delivery Terms

  1. Delivery Area: Our delivery service is exclusively available within Bangalore​.
  2. Meal Plans: Customers can choose from a variety of meal plans tailored to their taste and fitness goals.

  3. Personalized Meal Planning: Our nutrition specialists will create a personalized meal plan based on your specific calorie and macro requirements, aligning with your health objectives​​.

  4. Meal Preparation and Quality: Our skilled chefs prepare flavorful, nutritious meals using top-quality ingredients​​.

  5. Convenient Delivery: We ensure hassle-free delivery of your delicious, healthy meals straight to your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore​​.

  6. Eating Experience: We aim to provide meals that are not only healthy but also enjoyable, encouraging a repeat experience of taste and nutrition​.

  7. Commitment to Health: Our service is designed to make eating healthy easy and structured, assisting you in achieving your health goals effectively​.


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