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It is time to make Eating healthy Easy and in a structured way which will help you achieve your health goal the right way!

Why us?


Expert Guidance

Our dedicated nutrition experts ensure your meals align with your health goals, providing support every step of the way.


Customised Meal

Each meal is expertly crafted to match your calorie and macro requirements – fueling your weight loss journey without compromising on taste.


Delicious Food

We believe that healthy food should be a delight to your taste buds. Our meals are made from the freshest ingredients, promising a delicious, nutritious feast every time.


Hassle Free Delivery

Skip the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping. Your delicious, healthy meals are delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore.

Meal Plan for Any Lifestyle

Choose a meal delivery plan for your taste and fitness goal 

  • Carb-Conscious
  • Diabetes-Friendly
  • Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian
  • Multi-Cuisine Menu
  • Fresh & Ready to Eat
  • Paleo
Delicious Calorie Controlled Fresh Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep Daily in Bangalore.

Gluten-Free Meals: Get Organic and Premium Proteins for Your Health

Are you curious about the health benefits of the gluten-free lifestyle? By choosing The Kenko Life, you have a better option to meet all your dietary needs. It is quite prominent to enjoy gluten free meals delivery at your home with a quick ordering process. Taking a delicious gluten-free bite lets you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose a Gluten Free Diet?

Gluten-free foods are especially catered to your daily requirements. Whether you are gluten sensitivities or have any health-related reasons, then, you can opt for a gluten-free diet.

Choosing the best gluten free delivery meals is a great way to actively promote wellbeing. These also extensively eliminate health problems.

Benefits of Kenko Life’s Gluten Free Meals Delivery Service

Cutting the gluten from your diet does not mean you cannot enjoy a variety of different foods. You can simply avail the best gluten free home delivery meals with fresh, natural ingredients. Whether you like to have the honey-glazed sesame carrots, cashews, roasted butternut squash, or others then you can get them with your meals.

The skilled culinary team at The Kenko Life provides the best gluten free delivery meals that bring high-end flavor profiles.

  • Fresh Ingredients:

Get the Gluten free food by procuring fresh as well as fundamental ingredients suitable for your calories.

  • Finest Quality

All Gluten free meals are designed by the best nutrition experts with quality ingredients.

  • On-Time Delivery

Gluten-free meals at The Kenko Life taste delicious, and you can easily enjoy a great time with gluten free food delivery meals. Timely delivery is maintained to stay ahead of the diet plan.

At The Kenko Life, the experienced chefs try to cater to your dietary needs. You can definitely live a healthier and better life. You have a better option to easily choose a variety of meal plans suitable for your requirements. The gluten-free meals do not have any added preservatives.

Start Your Gluten Free Journey Today!

Gluten-free meals delivery at Kenko Life is highly affordable, convenient and perfect for your dietary needs. We focus on legumes, seeds, healthy fats, fresh produce, quality animal protein, nuts and many more while making these food bowls. Therefore, it is quite a prominent option for getting organic as well as pre-measured ingredients with gluten free meals for delivery.

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