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It is time to make Eating healthy Easy and in a structured way which will help you achieve your health goal the right way!

Why us?


Expert Guidance

Our dedicated nutrition experts ensure your meals align with your health goals, providing support every step of the way.


Customised Meal

Each meal is expertly crafted to match your calorie and macro requirements – fueling your weight loss journey without compromising on taste.


Delicious Food

We believe that healthy food should be a delight to your taste buds. Our meals are made from the freshest ingredients, promising a delicious, nutritious feast every time.


Hassle Free Delivery

Skip the stress of meal planning and grocery shopping. Your delicious, healthy meals are delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in Bangalore.

Meal Plan for Any Lifestyle

Choose a meal delivery plan for your taste and fitness goal 

  • Carb-Conscious
  • Diabetes-Friendly
  • Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian
  • Multi-Cuisine Menu
  • Fresh & Ready to Eat
  • Paleo
Delicious Calorie Controlled Fresh Meals Delivered to Your Doorstep Daily in Bangalore.

Your best low-carb meal plans from Kenko Life

By consuming foods with high levels of protein, healthy fats, and fiber, a low carb diet meal seeks to achieve a reduced intake of carbohydrates. This type of eating supports weight loss but also helps to keep your blood sugar steady and raises your overall health. One can accomplish this by cutting back on carbs like bread, pasta, and sugary snacks. Through Kenko Life’s thoughtfully designed low carb diet meal plans, you can begin to live a healthier life. We aim to make eating tasteful, easy, and healthy for everyone. Our low carb diet meal plan will help you to reach your health goals.

Low Carb Diet Meal from Kenko Life: The Benefits

These are suitable for everyone with the following benefits

● Suitable low-carb diets: 

Our professional nutritionists create low carb diet ready meals based on your needs and preferences. We have exactly what you need, whether shedding off some pounds, managing your diabetes, or having a better approach towards life.

● Ready-made meals: 

Our assortment of low carb diet meal dishes are prepared so you do not need to worry about meals in advance. Take pleasure in an array of delicious food without overriding the diet programs. We select the most nutritious low carb diet meal plan for weight loss that preserves their taste.

● Diverse Cuisines: 

There are many different tastes to experience from among our numerous choices of low carb low fat diet meal plans, so whether it is Mediterranean-style dishes or Asian delicacies, we have everything covered to satisfy those hunger pangs while keeping off the carbs.


Why You Should Pick Us?

You will get the best service from us because:

● Premium Ingredients: 

All our low-carb foods use only the best ingredients, making every bite tasty and good for you.

● Expert Advice:

Our team of nutritionists, along with chefs, is ready to give personalized advice and support through this journey towards healthier living, which they plan together with you upon purchase using consultation appointments. Our low carb diet Indian meal plan is the best way to keep you healthy with the Indian touch.

● New Ways to Make Things Easier:

The Kenko Life simplifies healthy eating. Our prepared meals are designed to fit your busy schedule, so you can have nutritious, filling food without any hassle or headache of cooking or planning.

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The Kenko Life believes living well should be fun, convenient, and lasting. These low carb diet meal plans from Kenko Life will help you start a healthier, happier life. Stop limiting diets and enjoy lifelong health and happiness.



1. How do I customize my low-carb meal plan?

All you need to do is tell our professionals what exactly you want from a nutritional regime and your preferences and objectives, and then they’ll create the best custom-made diet plan anyone could desire.

2. Do you have gluten-free alternatives among your low-carb choices?

Of course! Besides making many of them gluten-free, people with gluten sensitivity can enjoy our tasty dishes.

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